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Happy Birthday Dumlao!! :)

Hindi ako sanay tawagin kang xTien/CapTien, at iba pang tawag nila sa’yo. Hahahaha! Namiss ko nung CASA pa tayo, nung mga mas matangkad pa ako sa’yo, then tayo tayo nina Joyce at Bea sa bus, aaaw. Yung pupunta lang kayo sa bahay ko para uminom ng Coke, para bang walang coke sa mga bahay niyo, hahaha, tas dadalhin niyo yung bottle ng coke sa school, takot paka mabasag :)) Childhood memories, hindi na nga tayo kaklase ngayon e, haha. Naalala ko lang, Gr1, Gr4, 1stYear, yun lang pala ‘no? Haha! GMA forever ha? Yung mga hand shakes natin nina Sab, huwag na huwag mong kakalimutan! :D Nagbibinata ka na nga ngayon e, nuuux may lovelife na! =))) HAHAHAHA! Nung nalaman mo ‘tong blog ko, sabi ko ibloblog kita, kaso palagi kong nakakalimutan, lol. Buti na lang bday mo ngayon, tuwing birthday mo, kung walang exams, huwalang pasok. Haha! Pansin ko lang aa? LOL. Yun lang Dums, wala na akong masabi. Sana next year magkaklase na ulit tayo! :D Huwag ka nang magbago Dums ha? Binata ka na e! >:D<

Salamat ng marami Trisha!!! :D -xTieN :)


Hii.<3 This is Angel. She’s also my friend, bestfriend, sister and girlfriend. When we talk, we usually talk about our love life. Funny, right? Before, we are both complicated. HAHAHA. But since.. I never had such time with her. I forgot her, almost. That’s what she’s saying. Forgot? You? The girl who always make me laugh?the girl who’s telling story all night? The 1st girl who’m I slept at their house? NO WAY. I’ll never forget you.. I just want to apologize. For being away from you. In the first place, I don’t want to be away from you. You’re different. I’ll set a date. After exams. :D I don’t want to promise, but I’ll do my everything. :> For you. My dearest friend. Sorry again. >:(< I LOVE YOU! 




I hate feeling like I’m just there. Not a person that you enjoy talking to, not a person that makes you smile whenever I just happen pop up in your mind. Actually, I probably don’t even come up. I’m that speck of dust that just landed in front of you. Neither something to acknowledge or too much of a nuisance to brush away. You notice for a moment then move on with the rest of your life. Just there.


See that? That’s me and my first love, Alyssa Dominguez. You may know us as the couple from the 3 months video. We were together for 7 months, but we recently broke up a couple of weeks ago. Long story short, I messed up. I got too clingy, overprotective, and controlling. I know better now, but it seems like it’s too late. We still talk, and we still love each other, and everything. But I miss being able to call her by all our 693710 nicknames, hold her in my arms, basically being able to call her mine. The thing is, she doesn’t believe that I’ll change this time. I don’t blame her. She already gave me 3 chances, and I messed up each and every one. But this time, I know things will be different because she showed me how it is without her. It’s hard, knowing any other guy can sweep her off her feet while I’m still deeply in love with her. Yeah, it’s pretty cliche when I say I miss her, I need her, and I love her. And I know this is pretty lame, but I have nothing to lose. To make it simple, I just want her to know that I love her, and I want to be with her. Please help?

Please help my boy Jason. He’s heart broken. I know how it is. Help him please followers. These two are the cutest couple ever. 






Dear Alyssa,

You were my first real girlfriend, my first love. We went through a lot together. So many memories, the good times and the bad times. How can I just forget those just like that? I can’t. But it’s already at the point where I can’t do anything about it and I just have to accept it. Remember when we liked each other, but you didn’t know I liked you? And you said that if the girl I liked didn’t feel the same, I just got to ‘suck it up and move on.’ I guess it’s time for me to do that. But I can’t say I stopped loving you. My love never changed. But the bright side of this is now you’re happier right? That’s all that matters. Your parents will trust you, you’ll have time for everything, and you wouldn’t be mad all the time. I love you so if you being happy means us not together, then what right do I have to interfere with your happiness? I also just wanted to apologize for everything. I already told you, but here it goes again. I’m sorry I pissed you off all the time. I’m sorry I was bad boyfriend. I’m sorry I wasn’t your ideal guy. I’m sorry for everything. When I said, ‘there’s no turning back,’ you took it the wrong way. But it doesn’t matter much anymore. We’re still bestfriends right? Are we really going to let our plans go to waste? Well it’s up to you. I still want to be part of your life, that is if you still want me to. But I think it’s best if we don’t start that friendship right away. I’m going to need time. Idk how much, but I just need it. I can’t just get over something like this in just days. Well this is probably the last time I’ll go on your tumblr. Well goodbye Alyssa Dominguez.

                                                                                          Love always,

                                                                                          Jason Galang

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